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  • A. A. Milne
    Every adult should read the classic Winnie the Pooh stories (preferably out loud to a small child), for there you will see parts of yourself and those you know perceptively captured in Milne's lovingly rendered characters.
  • Anne Lamott
    Bird by Bird is a classic on writing, and her nonfiction books are at once both deeply personal and universal. Her style ranges from dark humor to tenderness without ever losing her authentic voice.
  • Frank Deford
    Listening to Frank Deford’s sports commentaries on NPR made me realize the genius of his writing. Generally not a big sports fan, I was drawn in by the wit and passion he brought to each commentary. Not just a great sportswriter, a great writer.
  • Frank McCourt
    With run-on sentences and nary a quote mark to be found among the pages of dialog in his memoirs, McCourt is the epitome of the adage that rules were meant to be broken. Unassuming, heartbreakingly funny work from a born writer.
  • Ilyce Glink
    The queen of all media, she rules her realm of real estate and personal finance advice with a refreshing combination of genuineness and accessibility, backing up her mantra of “practical, informative and easy-to-understand” with comprehensive knowledge seasoned by humility and understanding.
  • Pema Chodron
    Chodron is like a favorite wise old Buddhist aunt who doesn’t take life too seriously but never takes it for granted. Her writing is unassuming yet profound, weaving esoteric teachings in with stories from her own life in a way that illuminates the commonality of all experience.


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